• Laser Sphere

    The Laser Sphere creates beautiful light patterns. These can be within the sphere on your desk, or you can remove the top and watch a dazzling projection of light on your wall or ceiling. The lights are LED so there is no bulbs to change and it can make a wonderful night light for people of all ages.

    Price: £25.90
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  • PIZZA BOSS 3000 Pizza Cutter

    Show your pizza who’s boss! Built from tough, engineering-grade plastics with a laser-etched stainless steel blade. It’s dishwasher safe and has a removable shield for easy clean-up. Presented in a clear plastic gift box, it’s sure to raise the spirits of any hard-grafting pizza lover out there.

    Price: £11.99
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  • Floating Globe with LED Lights

    This is one of our favorite desktop gadgets. The floating globe is suspended within a magnetic field that gives it an awesome levitating effect. This electromagnetic system also causes it to spin in mid-air and it has multi-colored LED lighting which makes it look very cool in the dark.

    Price: £24.99
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  • SafeCan Heinz Baked Beanz

    Simply remove the base to reveal a secret compartment, the SafeCan is recognised by Police, Neighbourhood Watch groups and insurance companies as an excellent deterrent against theft. It's a genuine replica licensed can and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

    Price: £5.00
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