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Each year our world grows more & more technologically advanced, and each year this advancement brings us innovative products that can astound us in their practicality and inventiveness. Here at Jungle Gadgets we pride ourselves on seeking out the most interesting and ground-breaking products on the market today, for your perusal.

The car continues to develop and change annually, and with the development of the car comes new ranges of complimentary gadgets to enhance and improve the driving experience.

Here we have listed and reviewed some of our favourite new gadgets for cars on the market today. We have not ranked this list and some gadgets are clearly more exciting than others, but we feel that each product stands on its own merits, and they are each great in their own way.

Let's begin:

Portable Car Jump Starter

This self powered portable car jump starter is a great way to jolt your car back to life. Gone are the days where you had to call a friend or family member and play the waiting game, or rely on the good-will of a passerby to connect your cars together with old jump leads in order to restart your battery. Nowadays, if you accidentally leave something on, like the car radio or lights which drains the battery, all you need to do is connect the portable car jump starter and fire it up and you should be good to go.

The clamps feature intelligent protection, which prevents the device and your car battery from suffering disaster from a multitude of issues that you could experience when using old jumper leads. This includes short circuit and reverse-polarity protection and more.

It also includes a compass and a built in high powered LED flashlight which has multiple functions, so you won't get lost in the dark. The LED Flashlight can switch between lighting, strobe and SOS modes under different circumstances.

Let's not forget about the LCD screen, which can show you the battery charge and the exact working status. Not to the mention the USB output ports, which allow you to use the portable car jump starter to power and charge other devices, such as your smartphone or tablet.

All in all we believe this is a must-have gadget to carry in your car these days, and can save you from a lot of headache.

Windscreen Phone Holder

The MPOW Windscreen Phone holder is a great bit of kit. It can securely hold all popular smartphones between 2" and 3.5" in width. It securely fastens to the windscreen of your vehicle with a suction cup that has a pressurized latch, and you can use this latch to easily remove and re-adjust the device.

This car gadget enables you to easily see and interact with your phone while keeping both hands free to have full control over your vehicle and drive safely. You can easily use the touch screen, or even better, use the built in voice command system that all smartphones feature these days.

It has a 10" gooseneck arm from suction cup to phone grip which is flexible yet secure, allowing you to easily position your phone how you like. This design lets you freely move the phone close to your face if need be. Attached to the arm is a dashboard base station which acts as a fulcrum and provides additional support and stability with a sponge base.

The grip has a quick one touch release mechanism so you can easily retrieve your phone, as well as rubber anti-slip pads to keep it steady. This along with the anti-shake mount on the suction cup and the sponge base station, ensure that this phone holder can keep your phone safe, steady and secure on a rugged road, or even in an emergency situation where you might have to apply the vehicle breaks hard.

Front & Rear Dash Cam

Dash Cams have become a norm on the roads these days. They provide security to your vehicle and assistance should any unfortunate accidents happen. With the roads busier than ever and insurance claims and even scams on the rise, it's a great idea to add this gadget to your vehicle and enjoy the peace of mind it provides.

We've chosen this dash cam based on it's range of features and it's affordability, you no longer have to put a serious dent in your wallet for a great car gadget that functions as a video security system.

The first of it's notable features is that it isn't just one camera, it's 2. The front cam records in crystal clear 1080p, full HD, while the rear is 480p - enough to clearly identify a number plate from 3-4 meters away, which if someone crashes into the back of you, is plenty to make out who it was and who's at fault. The lower quality of the rear cam's video also helps to save on memory-card space. Both camera's have clear night vision, and super-wide 170 degree lenses, which capture more of what is happening around your car.

Additionally, there's motion detection, which means the cameras will automatically start recording when you move-off. This also means they will record movement when you're vehicle is unattended, but only if they're connected to a persistent power supply, as you wouldn't want them draining the battery.

Last but not least it has G-Sensor data protection, which automatically senses a crash and backs-up the video files before and after the event to avoid the video being overwritten or corrupted. Speaking of which, it records in loops which overwrites unimportant video data, meaning you don't have to manually delete footage that you don't want to save on your computer for whatever reason.

Heated Back & Seat Massager

The LifeMax Heated Back & Seat Massager is the perfect car gadget for people who spend a lot of time on the road - where sitting for hours at a time can cause your muscles and joints to stiffen up. It's very versatile and simply sits on top of your chair with elasticated straps going round the back of the chair to keep it in place. It's powered via a 12v car adapter and even comes with a mains adapter so you can take it inside to use with any other chair.

There's 5 powerful massage motors located in the key problem areas which are prone to knots and aches as a result of sitting in the same position for long periods of time. It has 4 massage modes to choose from – pulse, tapping, rolling and kneading. Each one will give slightly different sensations and massage the muscles in different ways; you can even set it to Auto in order to try all 4 modes in an automatic cycle. As well as this, there are 4 levels of intensity, so you can increase or decrease the power of massage to suit your needs.

Additionally there is a heat setting which can increase the effectiveness of the massage, since heat can help to draw blood flow to the surface of the skin and help muscles to relax. You can even adjust the length of massage too, from 15 minutes to 30 minutes or an hour.

Finally, the hand-held remote control allows you to target your upper back, lower back, hips or thighs, or massage them all at the same time.

Anker 24W PowerDrive 2

Last but not least we have the Anker 24W PowerDrive 2.

These days most new cars come with USB ports but as we've found out here at Jungle Gadgets, you can simply never have enough USB ports. Also brand new cars are very expensive...

This device should compliment your other car gadgets wonderfully, and at a great price point too. It's an adapter for the cigarette lighter of your vehicle and adds two high-speed, high-powered Universal Serial Buses, or USB's to your car.

It features Advanced Charging Technology, which combines PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to provide the fastest possible charge, up to 4.8 amps or 2.4 amps per port. It also has a compact design being one of the industry's smallest ever twin-port USB car chargers, and has a built-in LED light which helps to locate the ports in the dark without being distracting.

With this little gadget you will never need to carry extra batteries or make sure you've charged your phone before leaving the house again, just charge things as you go, on your journey to the future.

That's all

That's all from us for this car gadget episode of 'The best of' series. We'll be back very soon with the latest and best gadgets for another category. What would you like to see next? Comment below and we will choose shortly.

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